Apricot almond cake with rose water & cardamom

imageAfter seeing Nigella cook this cake on the TV I just had to try it to see if it really was that ‘simple’ and simple it was!! It works a treat, and is utterly delicious as well as being really very easy. It’s just the kind of cake I love to bake.

It’s the perfect cake to bake if your not a very confident baker, you really do just throw everything in a food processor give it a whizz and pour it in to a tin!

It says to check after 30mins of cooking time and to cover for the last 10 mins if it looks like it is browning too much, mine didn’t although I made sure I checked!!!

The only suggestion I would make is to cook the apricots way ahead, because waiting for them to cook is like watching paint dry!! ( patience is not my strong point ) other than that it’s worth giving it a go.It went down a treat and it passed the family taste test.

If you haven’t already bought Simply Nigella I’ve checked and the recipe is available on line.

enjoy x

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