Nalli Gosht … spiced lamb shanks

imageMy reason for trying out some lamb curry recipes was because one of my Instagram followers asked me if I had a good one. I’ve made some in the past but didn’t really have one that I would confidently recommend!! Until now!!! This one is delicious!!! It takes a little bit of thinking ahead but only to marinate the lamb shanks for a few hours or over night (I did mine over night) The marinade is quick to prepare, once ready I just put them in a freezer bag and popped them in the fridge.You will need a few spices but nothing unusual or hard to get!

I haven’t tweaked this recipe, I just left mine in my Aga for hours,but as with any lamb shank recipe it works well so long as it’s cooked low & slow.

We love our food hot and spicy so it was perfect for us and the family loved it. It’s the sauce that is hot (spicy) the lamb is just full of flavour and falls off the bone! I served ours with basmati rice, Greek yogurt with chopped fresh mint,avocado and naan bread, which is perfect for dunking in the pot full of sauce!!!

It’s the perfect dish to cook as a family meal or for a curry night with friends ~ just delicious!!!!!

The recipe I used is from Indian Kitchen by Maunika Gowardhan … If you don’t have her book it’s available on line.

If you try it let me know if you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Enjoy x

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