Black and Kidney Bean Chilli

image.jpegI always think of food using beans and or pulses as ‘hippy’ food, although over the years it has become very trendy, therefore a lot of chefs/cooks have come up with dishes that are less ‘hippy’ and more tasty and appealing! Having said that I still sometimes have a problem munching my way through a bowl full of salad leaves! I still like to have something hot with my salads. I would usually opt for fish if I was feeling really healthy, otherwise it would be a nice ribeye or sirloin.

The other problem I have is when I do a meat free meal ie: vegetable Thai green curry, my family ask where the rest of the meal is!! But I am determined to find a few recipes that I would class as healthy ‘hippy’ food. So when I saw this bean chilli I thought I might get away with it! It’s another easy one! ( I didn’t want a recipe that I would labour over for the afternoon ) hardly any ingredients needed not even any chopping – just grate,crush and open a tin! Bingo this could be it!!!!

Too good to be true I thought, but if I set ingredients on the ready, 10 mins later it was warming on the hob! Once bubbling I couldn’t wait to try it! Mainly to check weather it was going straight in the bin never to be seen or mentioned. The only tweaking I did was I added extra chilli flakes because I thought if it packs a punch I maybe able to wing it! If you decide to try it I suggest you follow the recipe without the extra chilli flakes as it did make it very hot! ( we like hot) Ready with my teasing spoon I dived in, to my surprise it was actually really tasty, it helps that it is a deep rich dark chocolate colour ( chilli con carne colour) and in my head I was serving it with rice, Greek yogurt, avocados, coriander and lime wedges as I do with most of my chillies/curries. Then it was just waiting until dinner time! Whilst waiting I decided to serve it with baked potatoes as I often do with left over chilli con carne, still with the usual sides. I thought this would give me a better chance of pulling it off!!

Not only did I think it was delicious but I may have converted my family – they loved it too! it easily doubles, it’s healthy, it’s quick, it freezes, it’s a keeper!!!

The recipe I used is from Deliciously Ella if you don’t have her lovely book I have checked and the recipe is available on line.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I’d love to hear from you if you try it.

Deb x

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