Pickled Chillies

imageHardly a recipe, but it’s great to have a jar of pickled chillies at the ready for when you need to add a bit of extra heat to all kinds of dinners and snacks. We use them to add an extra kick to curries, chillies, quesadillas, salads and soups. Great as an add on to homemade pizza. Any excuse and the jar comes out!! They are the perfect way of having control on just how much kick everyone has, wouldn’t want to blow anyone’s head off!!!!!

All you will need is a jar that has been sterilised, a colinder and maybe rubber gloves!!!!! ( for obvious reasons ) ….. Ouch!!!

  • 150g mixed red & green chillies
  • 100ml rice or white wine vinegar
  • 150 ml warm water
  • 2 1/2 tbsp icing sugar
  • 1 tbsp salt


Chop the chillies into thin slices, rinse in warm water in a colinder, the seeds will stay in the bottom of the colinder. (Be prepared for the eye water and fume bit) this also removes some of the heat from the chillies!

Drain the chillies and put them into the jar ( without the seeds ) some won’t hurt.

Stir together the warm water, sugar, salt and vinegar until the sugar and salt has dissolved. If it doesn’t dissolve put on the hob on a low heat.

Pour this over the chillies in the jar, seal.Place in the fridge.

leave for a few days to let the flavours develop. They will keep for a few weeks quite happily.

So easy & oh so good!

Enjoy x


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