Greek roast potatoes

Whenever I post a photo of Greek roast potatoes people often ask what’s the difference between these and the usual roast potatoes, well it’s simple really, to get the authentic taste you have to use Cyprus potatoes! You’ll be able to buy them in a Mediterranean grocers of which in London we have lots! This dish doesn’t work with the traditional Sunday roast as we know it, which is why I mainly make them during the summer months when my roasts include a salad, perfect with a bbq too! When you see the recipe you’ll see why they wouldn’t work with yorkshires, veg and gravy! But they are perfect with a roast shoulder/ leg of lamb or roast chicken.

They are very easy to make no need to parboil and they can easily be prepped ahead then throw them into a large roasting tin and they take care of themselves, they will sit quite happily keeping warm unlike your regular roast potatoes!! 

I’ve been making them for years and I haven’t really taken any notice of quantities so for this recipe I have measured my oil, cinnamon and kept an eye on how many potatoes, tomatoes and onions I have used. Although you can’t really make a mistake! This recipe makes enough for 6/8 people. I also make lemon and oregano ones that I will share when I next make them.

Everyone loves them and you’ll find that people will go back for more so make sure you make plenty. If you have any left they are nice warmed through the next day.

Don’t be afraid of over cooking them the delightful, delicious pinch and steal charred ones are my favourite!!!! Try them as part of a Mediterranean feast, bring back the memories of sunshine from your holidays in Greece or Cyprus, we all need a bit of sunshine on our table!! 

Cyprus potatoes are a waxy potato usually covered in a red clay soil. It’s worth checking Tesco’s because I do remember someone mentioning that they have them, although I haven’t seen them.

You will need: A large roasting tin and a large bowl or saucepan, I find it better to get them ready this way then transferring them to the tin.

Preheat oven to 200/ fan 180 gas 6 cooking time approx 1hour 30mins

  • 3kg Greek potatoes 
  • 3 large white onions 
  • 4 large ripe tomatoes
  • 1 level tsp ground cinnamon 
  • 200ml extra virgin olive oil – I use a Greek one
  • 2 x tin chopped tomatoes
  • Dried oregano for sprinkling 
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Method :

Fill the saucepan/ bowl with cold water, peel and cut the potatoes into boat shapes then put them in the water, once all the potatoes are done rinse until clean then drain.

Cut and peel the onion into large wedges add to pot.

Cut or if very ripe tear the tomatoes, add these to the pot along with the potatoes and onions. Add the cinnamon and the salt and pepper. Tip in both tins of chopped tomatoes, next add the oil and mix to distribute the cinnamon etc.

Half fill one of the tins with water swill it around then add this to the pot.

Once you have added all the ingredients tip everything into your large roasting tin, give it all another mix together then spinkle with the oregano. 

Place the tin in the preheated oven stirring everything a few times during cooking. If you feel they are getting to burnt cover with foil. They need to be soft and cooked through. As I mentioned before you can keep them warm once they are ready. If when checking them they seem dry just add a small amount of water. The tomato sauce is delicious mopped up with crusty bread.

Remember you can’t go wrong if you want more of the tomato sauce just add an extra tin! 

I hope you enjoy this family favourite as much as we all do!! 


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